At Money Tree Financial Group, we have made a commitment to our clients not to grow too large. The personal service and tailored financial planning that we offer is only possible because our financial planners deal with a select group of clients.


Professionals with a high disposable income come to us at Money Tree for advice on tax minimisation, creating wealth, gearing, diversified investments, mortgages and insurance.

Young families

At this stage of life, families generally ask us for assistance with income and asset protection. Gearing and investments are explored for families with high disposable incomes.

High net wealth individuals

Clients with little or no debt typically ask us to help expand their investment portfolio, create tax-effective wealth and protect existing assets.

Pre-retirees (55-65 years old and still working)

Superannuation and retirement planning are important for pre-retirees, and we can access a range of investment and tax minimisation solutions that are not common knowledge.


We assist retirees who have already built a nest egg and want to maintain a good standard of living without exposing themselves to the risks of the financial markets. Our clients want to know if they are eligible for Centrelink benefits, which can be a time- consuming and frustrating endeavour without professional assistance. We also advise on estate planning and SMSF (Self Managed Superannuation Funds).

Please call us on 02 4337 5100 to find out if we can help you.